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Tilly Colours

Tilly Colours

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The intention of Tilly Colours is to highlight the many and varied colour schemes applicable to Tillys during the war years. Indeed, the general colours here are equally applicable to other British military vehicles of the period.

The problem of identifying British wartime colours has always been a tricky one. Throughout the war, there were many interpretations of not only the official camouflage schemes, but also of the colours themselves. Michael Shackleton has compiled this profile using mainly black and white photographs of wartime Tillys with the invaluable help of Mike Starmer who has long been recognised for his work in identifying these colours and patterns. Virtually every photograph in the book is a black and white picture of a Tilly in military service during the war. The book contains a colour explanation so that the photographs can be usefully interpreted. In most cases, an illustration of, and explanation of, the vehicle’s unit markings is provided. It opens up a wealth of suggestions for accurate liveries that would be appropriate for use on either a restored vehicle or a scale miniature.

The book is designed to be equally useful to both modellers and vehicle restorers/owners proving that there is more than just one plain green colour scheme available to them and that British wartime camouflage is equally as interesting as those used by the opposing Axis forces. Illustrated with eighty-eight wartime photographs and numerous drawings and unit badges. 80 pages.