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The Peter Buckingham Column Part 51




I am being forced to put a temporary (I hope) hold on my modelling activities including the unfinished 1/32 Paul Fisher Sea Fury T20 and the kit I was really getting into, the 1/32 Revell Eurofighter which is in painting mode as we speak with various areas masked off for an application of a contrasting colour.


I hope I won't bore you too much as I try to explain why this has happened. 


When I was on my way home from the War & Peace show at the Hop Farm showground near Maidstone on the 24th July, my car was shunted into at the rear as I approached some traffic congestion due to road works on Detling Hill. It really was a very silly shunt with hardly any damage to either vehicle so we just exchanged names addresses and other relevant details. I had been going at almost zero miles per hour, my hands were on the steering wheel and the gear lever at the time but I did feel my arms tense and my lower back arch forward as my car was pushed forward. I thought nothing further about it.


Since that date my upper arm muscles and the joint to the shoulder have been getting more painful by the day. I have been to the doctors on a number occasions since, and at present, I am on a course of anti-inflamatory pills which do not seem to be working all that well. I realise that ladies think that us blokes are generally wimps when it comes to things painful but this is virtually continuous and certainly curtails my movements in all manner of simple activities. For example, I cannot drive now because it is too painful to change gear.


This has, of course, also curtailed my modelling activities which is really annoying!


I hope the foregoing will explain my reasons for not producing my weekly rant. Amazingly, I have had quite a few readers pass on pleasant comments about the Column's content, so I must have been doing something right. I do hope that I can get back to normal activities, modelling and this Column ASAP.


Best wishes,