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The Peter Buckingham Column Part 5





By now, I was into month nine of my learning curve régime. I had been to a couple of shows, spoken with some of the ace builders and had spent much time watching model technique videos on ‘You Tube’ (behave!) and felt I was getting to know the Australian modeller Brett Green quite well - “Welcome back to Testor’s Scale Workshop. I’m Brett Green. Today we are going to……….!) I have found these sites useful and well worth a visit. There are also some very good Japanese videos - if only I could understand the language - wonderful modelling techniques and very professionally shot.


Nearer to home, there are many excellent and useful sites, but perhaps my favourite is Geoff Coughlin’s Geoff’s models are superb and his web site has photographs and subjects galore, including a now much used by me, ‘Hints and Tips’ section. I met Geoff at a recent show and marvelled at his latest exhibition piece - the Hobby Boss A-10 Thunderbolt in 1/48. If my Storch turns out half as good as that, I would be more than satisfied. Interestingly, Geoff often cuts out the ‘middle man’ and sprays some of his models in gloss paint - no need for the coats of Klear/Future before the decal stage. I have recently experimented with gloss and my single application went on very well. Hmm!


I also managed to find some Tamiya Extra Thin Cement - allegedly unobtainable in this Country due to our wonderful EU masters in Brussels and their labelling Gestapo. This cement has improved my building no end - terrific stuff.


Back to 1/72 scale and another favourite WWII aircraft, the Chance Vought Corsair F4U-1D - and another superb kit from Tamiya. Everything fitted beautifully and I chose to model the one on the box finished in dark navy blue, a large white arrow on the fin/rudder and a yellow engine cowl. Nice! This was to be my first venture into weathering and using enamel paint.


I found the correct full sized aircraft paint codes and then the equivalent Humbrol enamel model paint number.


More next week.


Peter Buckingham.

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