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Tamiya 1/35 French Armoured Carrier UE

Tamiya 1/35 French Armoured Carrier UE

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Detailed kit from Tamiya of the French Armoured Carrier UE. This kit includes 2 crew figures (torso only), 2 infantry figures, various accessories, a pair of tweezers and markings for 3 different vehicles.

Originally developed in the early 1930's, this light armoured carrier was capable of towing light artillery and was also designed for use in supplying infantry units at the front lines. Its compact design meant that the heads of the two crew members protruded from the chassis, so distinctive semi-spherical hatches were created to give them a little protection. The initial production of 60 vehicles was soon supplemented by larger orders as France sought to re-equip its army to face the growing threat of Germany. By 1940, approximately 4,800 had been built, including an improved version featuring 4-step gearbox and towing shackles. It was used in the early days of WWII by the French army until it's surrender, after which the German army used captured vehicles until the end of the war, modifying some of them into self-propelled guns.