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Takom 1/35 WWI Heavy Battle Tank Mark IV "Male"

Takom 1/35 WWI Heavy Battle Tank Mark IV "Male"

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Takom’s stunningly detailed kit of the Mark IV “Male” tank features workable indy-link tracks, a fully reproduced suspension and drive system with workable wheels, two turned metal gun barrels for the 6-pounder cannons, photo-etched metal detail parts, and markings for two variations.

The 28-ton Mark IV “Male” was so named due to its heavier armament: two 6-pounder cannons mounted in large sponsons on the sides of the hull (the lighter “Female” was armed only with machine guns in much smaller sponsons) in addition to three Lewis machine guns. Capable of a modest 6.4kph, the Mark IV tanks caused quite a shock on the battlefield when they were first introduced.