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Squadron Signal Elco 80-Foot PT Boat On Deck

Squadron Signal Elco 80-Foot PT Boat On Deck

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ELCO 80-Foot PT Boat on Deck Color Series.

Say "PT Boat" and the image that comes to mind is that of the 80-foot patrol torpedo boat built by the Electric Launch Company (ELCO) in Bayonne, New Jersey. These nimble warships - which by the end of WWII could deliver the same firepower as early-war destroyers had done. A trio of Packard marine engines, delivering 1200 to 1500 horsepower each, gave the PT Boats speeds of 40 knots. 326 of the 80-foot wooden wonders were built, with 296 of them seeing service in the US Navy; the remainder went to the USSR under Lend-Lease. The PT-565 class boats were the final and hardest hitting ELCO 80.

PT-617, the boat featured in the book, is the sole surviving intact example. 80 pages packed with over 200 photographs, plus colour art and profiles. Written by David Doyle.