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SIN Industries Allied Filters Set

SIN Industries Allied Filters Set

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This is the first product of the new Sin Industries brand. The Filters (TM) are a revolutionary product like our popular pigments. The Filters differ from the Pigments because they are used to accomplish a popular wet painting technique. The filter is a method that was developed and introduced to scale modellers by Mig Jimenez 10 years ago. Now Sin Industries offers, to all scale modellers, this incredible product that is properly mixed and ready for use.

As a result of constant requests, Mig Productions is finally offering another set of filters this time made specifically for allied vehicles. Our Allied Filter set includes the colors Green for light green vehicles, Brown for dark green vehicles and Grey for bright green vehicles. The Green Filter will make a light green model darker if the modeler desires. The Brown Filter can be used to make a dark green color more olive in appearance. The Grey Filter can be used to make a bright green model more neutral. Mig Productions is proud to be adding more colors to our ever growing range of exclusive filters.