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Revell 1/48 Eurofighter Typhoon Twin-Seater

Revell 1/48 Eurofighter Typhoon Twin-Seater

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Excellent kit from Revell of the twin-seater version of the Eurofighter Typhoon. Included is a large array of underwing stores together with markings for the German Air Force and the Royal Air Force.

  • Twin-Seater Cockpit including Instrument Panel.
  • Fine structural surface detail and recessed panel contours.
  • Fully detailed ejector seats.
  • Operating Canards.
  • Detailed air intakes.
  • Jet Exhausts in two configurations.
  • Fully detailed air brake flaps (optionally open).
  • Complete landing gear with highly detailed retraction struts.
  • In-flight refuelling probe, optionally extended or retracted.
  • Two external under-wing fuel tanks.
  • One ventral Fuel Tank.
  • Under-wing Pylons.
  • 4 Meteor Guided Missiles.
  • 4 AMRAAM Guided Missiles.
  • 2 Sidewinder Guided Missiles.
  • 2 Laser Guided Bombs.
  • 2 IRIS-T Guided Missiles.
  • Either 2 Taurus Guided Missiles or 2 Storm Shadow Guided Missiles for the RAF version.
  • 2 ASRAAM Guided Missiles.
  • Super decal set for the Royal Air Force and German Luftwaffe.