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One Kit Is Never Enough Part 5 - Painting the Dragon 1/35 T19

Article 5 - Painting the Dragon 1/35 T-19



After washing the sub assemblies in warm soapy water and letting them dry for twenty four hours, I primed them with Halfords Grey Acrylic primer. This was left over night and then I started base coating and detail painting. For the base coat I used LifeColor Olive Drab, FS 34088. I used my Iwata Eclipse CS to apply the paint and added a few drops of thinner to the paint to help the flow.



The best thing about using acrylics is the short during time. I started painting the chassis, spraying a thin coat, and then I moved onto the upper body, again applying a thin coat. By the time I had finished the upper body the paint on the chassis was dry so I could apply another thin coat. I did this several times until I was satisfied with the end result. I then cleaned out the airbrush and by the time I had done this I was able to start the detail painting of the engine, exhaust, tools etc.



There are some annoying omissions from the DML painting instructions; these include the colour for the drivers and passengers seats, the colour of the shells for the 105mm gun, the dials on the dashboard. It would have been good to have had some decals for the dashboard instruments as well. These are included in DML’s Sdkfz kits, but not in the T-19 kit, a very strange and annoying omission.



I used Vallejo Model Colour paints for the detail painting; the tools were painted in black grey, with the wooden parts painted in Wood. The .30 machine gun was painted in black grey and the exhaust was base coated in hull red. I choose this colour in so that I use it as a base colour for the later rusting of the exhaust. The engine block was painted in various Vallejo metal acrylic colours with the top of the engine painted black grey. Although these parts will not be seen I could not leave them in Olive Drab, silly really but there you go. The steering wheel was also painted in black grey and the breech block was painted in the same colours as the engine.



The next stage is to use LifeColor Olive Drab Faded Type 1, LC-UA223. I want my T-19 to look like it has been out in the harsh Moroccan sun and the paint would be quite faded and worn, this will provide a nice contrast to the base colour. However that is for next time.



It is that time of year



The Nuremberg Toy Fair has been and gone and this year I thought it was very disappointing. Nothing that was announced regarding AFV’s held my interest, DML are still pumping out as many Axis kits as they can think of, none of which really interested me. At the moment I get the feeling that the market is even more swamped with Axis kits and with the rising price of oil these kits are becoming more and more expensive. However there was a brief bit of excitement when I heard that DML were going to bring out a Buccaneer, that was until they announced it would be in 1/72nd scale. I know a lot of people were initially excited by the announcement until it was revealed it would be in 1/72nd. UK jets are not that widely represented in mainstream kit form, certainly not from the era of the Buccaneer and Jaguar, so it would be very interesting to see some new tool 1/48th scale kits of these two aircraft, as well as the Hunter.



The same can be said of UK armour. Sure the Challenger has had a good outing from Tamiya and Trumpeter, but where are the FV 432’s? What about a Saladin or Ferret, or a Fox? Surely some company, other than the limited run resin companies could do something really radical and release some of the above AFV’s in 1/35th scale. The FV 432 series would be an excellent choice seeing as the chassis formed the basis of many different AFV’s, not just the APC. 



As well as the Nuremberg Toy Fair we have had the start of the modelling show season in the UK, with shows in Cheshire, Milton Keynes and the replacement show for Trucks and Tracks, the On Track show. This was arranged in a fairly short time due to the cancellation of the 2011 Trucks and Tracks show. Although I was not able to attend I have heard good things about the show and if it is possible for the organisers to stage it again next year I wish them the best of luck. By all accounts it was a well attended show and I think this goes illustrates that even though money is tight at the moment, modellers are still prepared to support good shows and put their hands in their pockets to buy kits and accessories. Hopefully this will continue and 2011 will be a good year for the hobby. One note of concern though, Max Modeller magazine is no more. It has been withdrawn from circulation although I have heard it may be re-launched at some point in the future. I am not sure if a magazine that had such a wide genre base is a good idea though as not everyone would want to buy a magazine that only has one or two articles on their favourite genre when they can purchase dedicated Armour or Aircraft magazine and get more articles on the subjects they want. Talking of which I do not envy magazine editors; it must be a very difficult job to try and decide what armour or aircraft to feature in their magazines.



 Too often magazines seem to fall back on the tried and trusted, such as the Sherman, Tiger, Spitfire, Me109 or FW 190. I am not sure i can stand to see another Sherman build, there have been so many and the same can be said for the Tiger or Panther. No matter how outstanding the build may be, they just do not hold the interest they once did for me.



Anyway, it is time to go and put some more plastic together and continue with the painting of the T-19!