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Warren [“Smokey”] Edward Schrader, RNZAF.

[Continuing the series of models is another Spitfire.]



In February 1943, after an uneventful summer of patrols and sweeps with 165 Squadron Warren Schrader was shipped out to the reinforcement pool in Algiers, before being assigned 1435 Flight, Luqa, Malta. By July he had been made commander of ‘A’ flight. Although flying extensively including fighter bomber sorties on the Sicilian airfields and covering the Allied landings on the south and eastern coasts he made no claims. Early November saw the flight moved to Brindisi and on the 12th he made his first claim of an S-79 on the ground at Valona airfield during a sweep over Albania flying a Mk V Spitfire V – K, serial not known. A model of this aircraft is in abeyance until or if I can get more details.


Vickers-Armstrong Spitfire Mk IX


During November the Flight re-equipped with Mk IX Spitfires and on the 17th of December Warren Schrader claimed his first kills when he downed two Messerschmitt 109Gs in five minutes whilst covering an air rescue by a Walrus off the coast of Yugoslavia. The aircraft he flew on this sortie was V-N [MA419], and is my next model.




The ICM Mk IX kit was the basis for the model and was built straight from the box albeit with quite a lot of time spent filing sinks marks as I had one of the very early mouldings. Many of the smaller items such as the propeller blades, spinner, exhausts, and wheels were so bad as to be beyond use and Ultracast alternatives substituted. I have later mouldings of this kit and they are relatively free of sink marks although the Ultracast wheels, spinner and propeller blades are so much better than the kit items I will still use them for any future Mk. IX Spitfires.





Again the aircraft is in the standard Ocean Grey/Dark Green top surfaces, with Medium Sea Grey under surfaces, Sky codes and a red spinner. The model is very lightly weathered as it had only been in service for about three weeks at the time modelled. Overall there is nothing exceptional to the finish of this aircraft except possibly the flight code which is a single letter V. The markings are a mixture of Aeromaster and Tamiya for the roundels, codes and flashes. Techmod stencils decals come to the rescue for the finer details to complete what is essentially a pristine aircraft.



Further success came on the 3rd of January 1944 when he shared a confirmed claim for another 109G flying Spitfire Mk IX, V-H [MA469]. In April he was awarded the DFC and completed his tour with 1435 flight in May when he was posted as an instructor to 71 OTU, Ismailia, Egypt.


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