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Modelling the US Army M4(76mm) Sherman Medium Tank - Osprey

Modelling the US Army M4(76mm) Sherman Medium Tank - Osprey

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The Sherman tank was the principal US and Allied tank of World War II - more Shermans were built than all German tanks combined. Not only were large numbers of Shermans manufactured, but a large number of variants emerged powered by different types of engines and with different types of hulls, turrets and other details, making it an ideal subject for any modeller. Steven J Zaloga takes on the Sherman tank in this book, providing a guide to four variants across a range of different skill levels, depicting differing colour schemes and techniques which are examined and illustrated in lavish full-colour step-by-step photographs.


  • Introduction
  • M4A1 (76mm) Sherman, Operation Cobra
  • 'Sandbagged in Alsace': M4A3E8 (76mm) Sherman
  • The 'Rhine Rat Race': M4A3E2 assault tank
  • Big gun, small turret: M4A3 (76mm) and M4A3 (17 pdr) Firefly
  • Research and reference
  • Index
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