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Modelling the Harrier I & II - Osprey Modelling Manual

Modelling the Harrier I & II - Osprey Modelling Manual

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In over 30 years of service, the Harrier has seen significant combat action for the British Royal Navy and the USMC: from the Falklands to Bosnia and Kosovo, from the First Gulf War to Afghanistan, the Harrier has played a key role. It has also seen service for Italy, Spain, and India. Distinctive and widely recognised, the Harrier was the world?s first VSTOL aircraft and its appeal for the modeller is clear. This title covers modelling the Harrier across a variety of scales, from the early version P.1127 through to later models. Advice on weathering, superdetailing, conversions and display bases combines with a wealth of recommended reference sources to create this packed and informative guide to modelling the Harrier.


  • Introduction
  • Materials
  • Modelling the Harrier in 1/72
  • Modelling the Harrier in 1/48
  • Modelling the Harrier in 1/24
  • Kits and accessories available
  • Further reading and research
  • Museums, collections and reference
  • Index
  • Colour reference chart