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Modelling the F4F Wildcat - Osprey Modelling Manual

Modelling the F4F Wildcat - Osprey Modelling Manual

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The F4F Wildcat was an aircraft of the type of which legends are made. Without the handling performance that made the Japanese Zero so famous, it was well regarded for its ruggedness and firepower and, in the hands of a skilled pilot who understood both its strengths and weaknesses, it was capable of holding its own against the best that its opponents had to offer. This book details projects that encompass four variants of the F4 Wildcat. As they were supplied to a number of air forces during the war, including the RAF, there is a wide range of markings available to modellers which are also dealt with in detail. Covering a range of modelling abilities from a beginner's first build to an expert scratch-building extras, this book is illustrated with full-colour step-by-step photographs.


  • Introduction
  • The F4F-4 Wildcat in detail
  • Desert cat – Hasegawa’s 1/72-scale Martlet III
  • McCuskey’s Midway ride – converting Tamiya’s 1/48-scale F4F-4 to the F4F-3 Wildcat
  • Mixed-breed cat – using Tamiya’s 1/48-scale F4F-4 Wildcat to improve the Sword 1/48-scale FM-2
  • A cat takes to water – converting the Tamiya F4F-4 to the F4F-3S Wildcatfish
  • Building techniques
  • Wildcat kits and accessories
  • Museums and collections
  • Further reading, video and websites
  • Index
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