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Italeri 1/48 F-16DG/DJ Fighting Falcon

Italeri 1/48 F-16DG/DJ Fighting Falcon

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Italeri boxing of the Kinetic 1/48 F-16DG/DJ 2-seat Fighting Falcon. Although the two kits are identical, this Italeri version has a "Super Decal Sheet" which includes markings for the following aircraft:

  • F-16DG, USAF, 23rd Wing "Town of Springlake", Pope AFB, North Carolina, 1995.
  • F-16DJ, USAF, 53rd FS (Viper Test Nellis), Eglin AFB, Florida, 2007.
  • F-16DG, USAFE, 510th FS "Buzzard", Aviano, Italym 2009.
  • F-16DJ, Greek AF, 347th Mira "Perseus", Larissa AFB, 2009.

A massive selection of stores is also included:

  • AIM-9M Sidewinder.
  • AIM-120B AMRAAM.
  • AIM-120C AMRAAM.
  • AIM-9X Sidewinder.
  • AGM-65 Maverick.
  • AGM-88 HARM.
  • GBU-24 Paveway III.
  • GBU-31 JDAM.
  • GBU-87 Cluster Bomb.
  • GBU-12 Paveway II.
  • GBU-38 JDAM.
  • Mk.82 Dumb Bomb.
  • AN/ALQ-131 Self Protection Jammer.
  • AN/ALQ-184 ECM Pod.
  • AN/AAQ-13 LANTIRN Pod.
  • AN/AAQ-14 Targeting Pod.