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Hasegawa 1/48 Hawker Hurricane Mk.IID

Hasegawa 1/48 Hawker Hurricane Mk.IID

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The Hawker Hurricane was a British single-seat fighter aircraft designed and predominantly built by Hawker Aircraft Ltd. Some production of the Hurricane was carried out in Canada by the Canada Car and Foundry Co Ltd.

The 1930s design evolved through several versions and adaptations, resulting in a series of aircraft which acted as interceptor-fighters, fighter-bombers (also called "Hurribombers"), and ground support aircraft. Further versions known as the Sea Hurricane had modifications which enabled operation from ships. The Hurricane was significant in enabling the Royal Air Force (RAF) to win the Battle of Britain in 1940, accounting for the majority of the RAF's air victories. About 14,000 Hurricanes were built by the end of 1944 (including about 1,200 converted to Sea Hurricanes, and about 1,400 that were built in Canada). The Hurricane served in all the major theatres of the Second World War.

Hurricane IID
Hurricane IIB conversion armed with two 40-mm AT cannons in a pod under each wing and a single Browning machine gun in each wing loaded with tracers for aiming purposes. The first aircraft flew on 18 September 1941, deliveries started in 1942. Serial built aircraft had additional armour for the pilot, radiator and engine, and were armed with a Rolls-Royce gun with 12 rounds, later changed to the Vickers S 40-mm gun with 15 rounds. The weight of guns and armour protection marginally impacted the aircraft's performance.