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Dragon 1/35 M4A1(76mm)W Sherman "Operation Cobra"

Dragon 1/35 M4A1(76mm)W Sherman "Operation Cobra"

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After the shock of combat against the heavier German tanks in Normandy, the up-gunned M4A1(76mm) Sherman was rapidly shipped to France. These tanks were used by the US Army during Operation Cobra, the offensive which saw the Allied armies breakout of their initial lodgment in Normandy and advance across France.

The 76mm gun offered improved anti-tank capability over the earlier 75mm gun, which was important when fighting the German Panther. The M4A1(76mm)W was used by British, French, Polish and South African units and was known by the Commonwealth as the Sherman IIA.

This model of a Second World War M4A1(76mm)W is Dragon's latest addition to its growing range of Shermans, and represents the first 76mm version of the Sherman to see combat. The W is for "Wet", referring to how the ammunition was stored protected by a solution of water and ethylene glycol.

As expected the kit contains a combination of new tooling and parts from recent and earlier Dragon Sherman kits, as well as several metal parts including an early production barrel and some photo etched parts. The new parts include the decals, hull hatches, large one-piece upper hull, air-cleaners, exhaust deflector, rear hull plate and turret.

Markings are included for the following tanks:

  • "In the Mood" I Company, 32nd Armoured Regiment, 3rd US Armoured Division, France 1944, which was commanded by the highly decorated Staff Sergeant Lafayette Pool during Operation Cobra.
  • "Elowee" 2nd US Armoured Division, France 1944.
  • "Ferocious III" F Company, 33rd Armoured Regiment, 3rd US Armoured Division, Belgium 1944.
  • "Duke" D Company, 66th Armoured Regiment, 2nd US Armoured Division, France 1944.
  • Polish 1st Armoured Division tank, Holland 1944.