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Build a Better Lancaster Part 3

Continued from Part 2.




Eduard have a magnificent range of photo-etch sets for the Tamiya Lancaster.

Probably the first area that any modeller wishes to improve on the Tamiya Lancaster kit is the cockpit, particularly as so much of it is visible through the large cockpit canopy. Eduard have 2 photo-etch sets, both are confusingly described as "Interior Detail Sets" but they are both quite different.

EDFE371 Lancaster Interior Detail Set is the smaller of the 2 sets and contains cockpit details in the form of pre-painted photo-etch pieces. I list this as a "cockpit detail set" to differentiate it from the next set which is:

ED49371 Lancaster Interior Detail Set is a much bigger set which includes the smaller cockpit set but also has further details for the turrets and bomb-aimers compartment.



These test shots give a clear idea as to the amount of detail that can be added. The production sets are slightly different as they are pre-painted and are very impressive.

There are numerous photo-etch sets available from Eduard for the Tamiya Lancaster, they can be purchased individually or as a Big Ed Set which includes all of them and offers quite a saving:

This Big Ed set includes the following:


Part 4 coming soon.