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Belcher Bits 1/72 Avro Lancaster Mk.X Decals

Belcher Bits 1/72 Avro Lancaster Mk.X Decals

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This sheet includes markings for five WWII Lancaster Mk.Xs, all from 419 Sqn as well as four post-war RCAF Lancaster 10s (2 maritime reconnaissance, 1 SAR and a Drone Carrier. Full markings including nose art and squadron badges, a very colourful set.

Aircraft featured are:

  • Lancaster Mk.X (KB700) 419 Sqn. VR-Z "Ruhr Express"
  • Lancaster Mk.X (KB726) 419 Sqn. VR-A
  • Lancaster Mk.X (KB839) 419 Sqn. VR-D "Daisy"
  • Lancaster Mk.X (KB732) 419 Sqn. VR-X "X-Terminator"
  • Lancaster Mk.X (KB999) 419 Sqn. VR-M "Malton Mike"
  • Lancaster 10MR (KB959) 404 Sqn. 1952, AF-A
  • Lancaster 10MR (KB996) 407 Sqn. 1954, RX-996
  • Lancaster 10MR Search and Rescue (KB889) 107 Rescue Unit
  • Lancaster 10DC (KB851) CEPE, 1959, PX-851
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